World Rally Championship PS2 PCSX2 (freeze fix) 60fps HD WRC 1 (2001)

November 28, 2016

Here is a fix to play WRC1 on PCSX2. You all probably know the game(Euro) freezes before or right after you start a race. I tried many hacks to get it to work and found that if you enable the “EE timing hack” under “Game Fixes”,you can get the game running ok. Not sure if this works for all versions of PCSX2 but it should with at least the newer revisions and some older. I am also not sure if this works for every mode and every course either.

Use these settings:

There is quite a bit of slowdown in 3rd person view and in replays. It seems you need a fast PC to run this smooth with increased resolutions. I rendered this gameplay at 2X resolution since anything higher got too slow. View in HD/60fps for best quality.

Evolution Studios

PC: i5 4ghz, HD7870, Windows 7


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