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Why Do We Give Up On Ourselves? Maybe I Can Help.

October 8, 2014

Life is so precious yet most of us take it for granted every single day. We curse the ground we stand on, we blame others for our own problems, and we lead this destructive path caused by our own mentality. When the going gets tough we find it a lot easier to give up. Flash back five years ago, I was at my highest weight 210 lbs, living in a destructive relationship and blaming all my problems on everyone else. I clearly didn’t like myself and was very insecure physically and emotionally. This reflected on my attitude towards others. I honestly hid from the world, consuming myself in the virtual online game World Of Warcraft and avoiding my family at all cost. I did this in fear of hearing their constant concern and rejection to my current life situation. Why did I do this? Why do we all do this? Most of the time it’s because we don’t have the courage or strength to change our lives ourselves. In most cases when we are down in the deep that far, we leave it up to the world to pull us out. We wait weeks, months, years for someone to save us from our emotional and physical destruction.

“Here we are blaming the world for our self pity, yet we’re waiting for the world to save us at the same time.”

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