Top 10 WEIRD Facts About Medieval CASTLES

May 15, 2017

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10. The term castle is actually very confusing in the English language.
9. It was through conquering the local castle that land was taken from another ruler in medieval times.
8. The most significant defensible feature a castle could receive was through location and not design.
7. Contrary to what many people think, it is the gatehouse and not the central keep that was the most important and defended part of a castle’s structures.
6. The internal walls of castles were not bare stone.
5. As a general rule Castles didn’t have large windows.
4. Castles did have secret entrances or back doors.
3. Properly designed Castles are much better at their job than many people realize or what is depicted in movies.
2. The most historically effective way to take a castle was by starving it out.
1. Castles required far fewer people to defend than people think.

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