Top 10 Ways Humans Could COLONIZE Space

August 26, 2016


Many prominent scientists and technologists, such as Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, and Elon Musk, have expressed confidence that humans will be able to colonize the universe. Some believe that unless humanity is wiped out beforehand, colonizing the universe is inevitable. Of course, we have yet to step foot on the Mars, so we are probably a long way off from colonizing the galaxy, or even the universe. But, if we were to try it, how would we go about it?

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10. Space Crafts
9. Cyborgs
8. Artificial Intelligence
7. Genetically Engineered Embryos
6. Genetically Modified Humans
5. Evolution
4. Self-Replicating Probes
3. Dyson Spheres
2. Microorganisms Terraforming
1. Bacteria

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