Top 10 USELESS Weapons That People Tried To Commit ROBBERIES With

May 15, 2017

Though few of us have been robbed, we can assume that your perception of robberies involves ski masks, guns, and a whole lot of danger. However, some people commit their robberies with whatever they have handy. The strangest of them all would get rejected if written into a movie script for being too unrealistic. Such as …

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10. A Spoon
9. A PS3 Controller
8. A Water Pistol
7. Toy Gun
6. Toilet Plunger
5. Bug Spray
4. Pesticide
3. A Banana
2. A Bouquet Of Flowers
1. Spaghetti Sauce

Source/Further reading:
Woman gets 15 years for robbing White Castle with water gun–133440293.html


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