Top 10 Things About CANADA the Rest of the World Finds WEIRD

August 13, 2017

Oh, Canada! It’s the second biggest country by land mass, and it’s a diverse land with mountains, plains and the most fresh water lakes in the world. This weekend, 35 million Canadians will celebrate the nation’s 150th birthday.

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10. Why Do Canadians Say “Eh!” So Often?
9. What’s the Deal with the Tragically Hip?
8. What’s Up Canadian Currency?
7. Canada Has a Queen?
6. Why is Milk Sold in Bags?
5. What’s the Deal Canadian Sports?
4. Why Does Canada Have Different Flavored Chips?
3. Why Do They Always “Sorry”?
2. What’s The Deal With Poutine?
1. Why Are Canadians So Polite?

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