Top 10 STRANGE Stories Behind Famous LOGOS

August 23, 2016


Logos are a ubiquitous part of the urban ecosystem. With so many companies bombarding us with so many logos in every facet of modern life, it’s easy to tune them out or ignore them altogether. But if you look a little deeper, some of the logos you see every day have some interesting stories behind them, like…

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10. The Domino’s Pizza “Domino” Was Supposed to be Way Different
9. The Chupa Chups Logo Was Designed By Salvador Dali
8. The Original Starbucks Logo is too Risqué for Modern Consumers
7. The McDonald’s Logo is Based on The Shape of Original Stores, Not The Word McDonald’s
6. The Apple Logo Only Has a Bite Taken Out of it So That You Won’t Mistake it For a Cherry
5. The Windows Logo was Re-designed Because it Looked Like a Flag
4. The WWF Changed Their Logo to Avoid Confusion with an Animal Charity, Then Argued about it For Years
3. Deadmau5 Was Threatened By Disney Over His Logo, Immediately Threatened Them Back Over His Song
2. The Walt Disney Logo Was So Famous Walt Disney Had Trouble Signing Autographs
1. The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Lions Are More Badass Than You

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