Top 10 Recently Discovered GRUESOME Cases of Ancient Human SACRIFICE

August 13, 2017

We all know the ancients used to sacrifice people. Some practices, like the Aztec removal of a victim’s heart, are today infamous. But this barely scratches the surface of the gruesome rituals our ancestors used to perform. Over the past few years, a number of important discoveries have shown our forebears were even creepier than we thought.

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Top 10 Brutal Human Sacrifices in History

Top 10 Ancient Cultures That Practiced Ritual Human Sacrifice

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10. The Hand-Decorated Skull of Ancient Brazil
9. A Pit of Severed Hands from Ancient Egypt
8. Mass Female Sacrifice in Ancient China
7. Dismemberment in Bronze Age England
6. A Minoan Skull-Shattering Sacrifice
5. The South Korean Man Buried With His Noblewoman
4. Cannibalism and Dismemberment in Acolhua, Mexico
3. The Mass-Murdering Maya Drought Cult
2. Scotland’s Frankenstein Mummies
1. The Midnight Terror Cave

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800 Years Of Human Sacrifice In Kent,f_auto,q_60,fl_lossy/fc/1280-ouverture-de-la-bouche.jpg


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