March 15, 2017

At some point, most of us have probably gone to work despite being sick, or suffered a sports injury or kept right on playing. We tend to feel like a bit of a badass when we do, soldiering on through the adversity. And then there are people who take that to the next level by not even realizing that they’ve been hurt. Their injuries are less along the lines of playing on after getting bruised in a football match, and more along the lines of coming second place in Russian roulette and going back for one more round.

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10. Dante Autullo Shot A Giant Nail Into His Brain
9. Alfie Tyson-Brown Broke His Neck, Found Out Eight Years Later
8. Man Shot In The Head, Keeps On Partying
7. Joe Nagy’s Brain Leaked Out His Nose For Year-And-A-Half
6. Mick Bedford Had No Idea A Great White Shark Had Just Bitten Him
5. Phil Loveday Went 43 Years With A Snapped Vertebrae
4. Audreyonna Goodison Had To Be Told She Was Was Shot In The Head
3. Olivier Faure Lost His Arm And Never Noticed
2. Paul Marwin Got Shot In The Stomach And Figured It Out Hours Later
1. Li Fuyan Spent Four Years With A Knife In His Throat

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