Top 10 More MIND BLOWING Theories About the UNIVERSE

March 31, 2017

As we mentioned in our first list about mind bending theories about the universe, the universe is a vast and mysterious place. For centuries, people have looked out into space and tried to explain why we’re here and where we came from. While it may take even more centuries before any of those questions are answered, it doesn’t mean scientists don’t have theories.

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10. Why is Dark Matter So Hard to Detect?
9. Dark Matter Killed the Dinosaurs
8. Life Spread Across the Universe like an Epidemic
7. Why is the Universe Made of Matter?
6. Disorder Made Life Possible
5. The Universe Has No Beginning
4. The Universe Should Have Never Existed
3. The Universe Started Off One Dimensional
2. How Many Dimensions Are There?
1. We’re Living in the Distant Past of a Parallel Universe

Source/Further reading:

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