January 29, 2017

I see the error with confusing Da Vinci and Galileo. We will notate this. I think the writer accidentally confused the two, because the source we listed for this in our description (see link: shows the name Galileo, so we knew what we meant to write, but wrote the wrong thing. Sorry for this and thanks for the catch from our viewers. If someone dropped two rocks now, I think I would hide under one.

For thousands of years now humans have been doing their best to record the history of what happened before them. This insistence on preserving the past allows us to build on prior knowledge, learn lessons from things that have happened long ago, and teaches us about the ancient cultures that went before us. However, through time, misunderstandings, and sometimes people with agendas, the past often becomes blurred or indistinct, and people get only a very confused picture of what actually occurred. The history of the ancient world is often misunderstood, and much of it occurred differently than most people have been led to believe.

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10. The Library Of Alexandria was Quickly Destroyed in a Giant Fire
9. We Have Fully Discovered the Pyramids at Giza
8. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were Built by King Nebuchadnezzar
7. Napoleon and His Men Shot Off the Sphinx’s Nose
6. Da Vinci Dropped Iron Balls from the Tower of Pisa
5. The Ancient Amazons Were Man Haters
4. The Ancient Egyptians Visited the Grand Canyon
3. The Placement of the Easter Island Heads is an Impossible Mystery
2. The Romans Salted Carthage So Nothing Would Grow There Again
1. The Vikings Used Human Skulls as Mugs

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