January 14, 2017

When most people are asked to name the most brutal and murderous leaders in history, they will first mention the names of recent dictators like Hitler and Stalin. Going back further, many people will talk about the Norse raids, the British Empire, Attila the Hun, and so many of the most vicious Roman Emperors. However, going back before any of them came to power, Genghis Khan and the Mongols permanently reshaped an enormous portion of the world, and changed the culture and genetic makeup of the region forever. The khan was a master strategist and his brutal warriors left a path of destruction in their wake.

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10. Genghis Khan Had Molten Silver Poured Into an Enemy Leaders’ Eyes and Ears
9. The Mongols Could Not Shed Noble Blood, but the Alternatives Were More Brutal
8. Genghis Khan Killed his Half Brother as a Child Over a Hunting Dispute
7. The Khan Left a Greater Death Toll in his Wake than Joseph Stalin
6. The Khan Turned a Dangerous Enemy Archer into a Useful Long-term Ally
5. One of his Mongol Enemies was Known for Boiling Captured Generals Alive
4. Genghis Khan Humiliated and Enslaved People of Other Religions
3. He Had his Men Use Captured Enemies as Body Shields in Combat
2. While Massacring a City and its Population, he Declared Himself Sent by God to Punish Them
1. The Sacking of Urgench was Arguably the Most Brutal and Thorough Massacre in History

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