April 15, 2017

Ancient Egypt is one of the most fascinating places in the historical record. Their obsession with life after death, their grand pyramids and golden treasures, and the multitudes of evidence they left behind of their great works have captured the imaginations of people for thousands of years. However, underneath the veneer of mysticism and historical grandeur, Ancient Egypt was not always the most fun place in the world to live. Their justice system was often unfair and cruel, some of their medical practices were horrifying, and their devotion to the gods often went to insane lengths.

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Top 10 UNUSUAL Facts About Ancient EGYPT


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10. An Outbreak Of Cholera Was Once Linked To Food Wrapping Paper Made From Mummy Bandages
9. Servants Were Sometimes Put To Death To Be Buried Alongside Their Masters
8. Mummy Used To Commonly Be Eaten As A Medicine In Europe
7. If You Disrespected The Sun God They Would Immolate Your Entire Being
6. It Was Extremely Common For Ancient Egyptian Police To Beat Confessions Out Of People
5. If You Violated The Law, You Were Considered Guilty Until Proven Innocent
4. Sometimes If You Were Accused Of A Crime, Your Guilt Would Be Decided By The Magic Of Oracles
3. Using Birth Control Was An Incredibly Disgusting Horror Show
2. The Death Penalty In Ancient Egypt Was Rare, But Extremely Brutal When Enacted
1. The Legends Of Ancient Egyptian Curses Simply Will Not Go Away

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