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March 16, 2017

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With the recent discovery of gravitational waves, we thought we would do a video all about black holes! Black holes were first theorized by John Michell in 1783, and the theory was pushed forward in 1915 when Albert Einstein published his general theory of relativity, in which he theorized their formation. Their existence wasn’t confirmed until 1971. Since then, research has continued into these mysterious regions that are sprinkled throughout the known universe.

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Coming up:

10. Three Types of Black Holes
9. What Do they Look Like?
8. Colliding Black Holes
7. Times Slows Down Around it
6. What’s at the Center?
5. Closest Black Holes
4. Energy Source
3. Could We Create One?
2. Evaporate Over Time
1. What Happens When You Fall In

Source/Further reading:

How Do Black Holes Evaporate?


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