Top 10 ANCIENT Places That May NEVER Have EXISTED

November 30, 2016

History books tell us of ancient places with amazing architecture, and world wonders long past. Archeological discovery has learned much about the world before us. The idea of many of these locations has inspired imaginations for many years. However, the truth is that history gets distorted over time both through constant retellings and sometimes through historical records that were actually just fanciful stories written after the fact. Many of the most famous locations may not have existed at all. Many of those that did, were much different than most people usually imagine.

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Top 10 Craziest Ends to Civilizations As We Know It

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10. The Legend of El Dorado Didn’t Start Out About a City
9. The City of Troy May Not Be At All Like People Think
8. The Lost City of Atlantis Was Probably a Myth, Or Just a Regular Destroyed Island
7. The Fabled Hanging Gardens of Babylon Were Probably Not That Advanced
6. The Bermuda Triangle Is A Modern Myth, Not An Ancient Danger For Mariners
5. The Garden Of Eden Was Probably Philosophical, Not Physical
4. The Tower of Babel was Probably Just an Unfinished Building
3. Ponce De Leon was Probably Never Actually Searching for a Fountain Of Youth
2. Jericho Was Probably Just Built on a Fault Line
1. Roswell is Really Just Home to an Old, Unused Air Force Base

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