April 14, 2017

As World War II was coming to an end, American Naval forces were quickly approaching Japan and unless something radical happened, Japan would be defeated. Their answer to turn the tides of war was a unique Navy unit called Tokubetsu Kōgekitai, which means “Special Attack Unit,” but they were better known as kamikazes, which means “divine wind.” The division consisted of volunteers who would purposely crash into American warships and this is 10 interesting facts about those men.

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10. The Battle of the Philippine Sea
9. They Shamed People into Being Kamikaze Pilots
8. They Used Their Best Pilot For the First Run
7. The Japanese Designed a Plane Specifically for Kamikaze Missions
7. The Japanese Designed a Plane Specifically for Kamikaze Missions
6. It Was Supposed to be Psychological Warfare
5. Torpedo Kamikaze Pilots
5. Torpedo Kamikaze Pilots
4. The Nazi Suicide Squad
3. The Pilots Might Have Been High on Meth
2. The Last Kamikaze Pilot
1. It Wasn’t Very Effective

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