Local Student Excels Acadamic Standards

September 25, 2014

imageRobert Desmond, 17. 

For any high school student, junior year is considered a challenging year. With Universities to be chosen and SATS to be taken, students are encouraged to reach their full academic potential in order to do their best. Local Student, Robert Desmond, (pictured above), has done more than just achieve his potential. He has in fact made history in our town of Bennington by being the first from Bennington High to score a 2400 on his SAT examinations.

The test itself examines a student’s ability to perform in skills such as vocabulary, reading, mathematics, and writing. These wide range of subjects often proves challenging for many, but clearly Robert is an example of what hard work can achieve. There has been no comment from the student himself, but BHS Principal, Andrew Dawkins, had this to say. “It always makes me proud as not only Principal of this school, but a member of the Bennington community to see one of our youth show such promise.” There is no word as to if any celebration will be held for Robert, but this kind of achievement is one that shows the power of a proper education.

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