Give me a choice between writing a final or taking one and I’ll take one 10 out of 10 times.

October 4, 2014
Author: itsssnix

I hate, hate, hate, hate writing finals with everything that is within me.

This is the thought process:

‘This is going to take 18 years. I don’t want to frustrate them. I’d better make that a little easier.’

‘What if they get done in 20 minutes? My dept chair would not be happy. I’d better make that a little harder.’

‘Did we even go over this?’

‘Lalalala I’ll add a funny joke in here.’

‘I need more coffee.’

‘Why do I not start these throughout the semester? It would be so much easier if I did that.’

‘Well here’s my file entitled “final ideas”. Let’s just see…nope. Didn’t teach them any of that. And what the heck does “arrange events through first people lenses” even mean. Was I high when I came up with that? Useless.’

‘I hate study guides I hate study guides.’

‘Okay, maybe I’ve got this. True-false on a ROLL. I am a master teacher, I am a master teacher.’

‘What have I even been doing this year. How have I been spending my time? I am a failure as a teacher and I just need to start over next year. What is this. Why am I doing this? They deserve better.’

‘I am only halfway done. I hate my life.’

‘I need a pizza.’

Author: itsssnix

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