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Five New Habits For a Better Life

October 21, 2014

Five New Habits for a Better Life

Hi my beautiful friends! I urge you to join me in this personal challenge and develop these five positive habits that will spread more love into the world.

Below are the five positive habits that you have to consistently do for the next 21 days and hopefully on after :

#1 Give Compliments

#2 Spend Quality Time with your Family

#3 Validate Others
Watch the Validation video, it’s amazing:

#4 Give More of Yourself to Others

#5 Learn to ask for help.

The Challenge Starts on December 3rd and ends on December 24th. It’s completely fine if you start a day or two later than me. Starting on December 25th you can start posting your video responses. I will choose the winner of this Challenge on January 3rd and announce the winner a few days later.

Thank you all for joining me in this Challenge:) I love you and wish you best of luck for the next 21 days!
Wanna talk to me about these five positive habits, then reach out to me on

Love, Joy and Peace to all! And Equanimity of course:)

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