Fat Burning Diet Secret From A Male Fitness Model: What To Eat After A High-Carb Meal

March 24, 2015

Use this to get ripped:

Coming to you from downtown Los Angeles in front of the LA Lakers stadium, Troy dives deep into how he stays ripped while enjoying decadent sweets and holiday treats!

This video is your ultimate survival guide for staying ripped and reversing a high carbohydrate cheat meal such as cheesecake, pasta, or your favorite ice cream!

This video reveals a powerful fat burning diet secret on what to do following a high carb meal so your body does not store any body fat.

In this video, fitness model Troy Adashun reveals that he actually has a monster sweet tooth and regularly pigs out on sweets and candy. His secret to staying ripped is revealed in a five-part blueprint in this video.

This is a five-part system on what you should do following a high carbohydrate cheat meal so you turn on your metabolism and reverse those high calories.

1:02 – Fat Burning Diet Secret #1

Troy says that consuming 2 tbsp of white vinegar following a high carbohydrate meal will lower the impact of insulin on your body and help prevent a lot of those excess calories from converting into sugar and adipose body fat tissue.

1:35 – Fat Burning Diet Secret #2

High intensity interval training is the secret for staying shredded and boosting your metabolism to superhuman levels. Troy says that when you consume a high carbohydrate meal, you should make sure to perform high intensity interval training the following day to boost your HGH secretion and metabolism.

2:14 – Fat Burning Diet Secret #3

The combination of L-carnitine and fish oil has been shown to dramatically speed up your metabolism and turn you into a fat burning machine. L-carnitine helps to metabolize your fat cells into energy, and when fish oil and omega 3s are present in your body, it works even better. Watch the video as Troy breaks down the science of this powerful duo.

If you want to know the last two powerful fat burning secrets, make sure to watch the video. Now you can have your cake and stay ripped!







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