Blendspace joins TES Global and Wikispaces!

October 2, 2014
Author: blendspace


To help Blendspace grow to become even better, we have now joined forces with Wikispaces which is in turn part of TES Global. Together, we will continue our shared mission of supporting teachers. This collaboration will accelerate us so that we reach more classrooms faster with better products. Wikispaces is a best-in-class collaboration tool for teachers and students used by 10M people. TES Global has the largest network of teachers worldwide with a resource library of materials that get 20M downloads a month.

What this collaboration means:

  1. The team you love continues to support and improve Blendspace.
  2. Blendspace, Wikispaces and TES Global will be building products together to make learning even more effective and fun.
  3. Premium will be free for everyone – now everyone can collaborate on lessons!

We got into education because we wanted to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Just like in the classroom, we learn best when we learn from each other. We would not be able to build a great product without your help and that will never change.

Thanks to every teacher and student who has used Blendspace, our investors for your support, and the amazing edtech community for continuing to fight the good fight!

We are excited to what the future holds and hope you will be part of it!

Author: blendspace

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