Amazing Movie Scenes That Were STOLEN From Other Films

October 2, 2016

Here are 10 amazing films that stole footage from old movies! (Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, E.T. and more!)
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It’s nearly impossible for any film these days to be 100% truly original. Movies have been made for so long that just about everything is influenced by some kind of pre-existing work. Sometimes, directors can’t help but show their love for other projects, and they make their tastes very well known to the audience. You may not notice it at first, but some of the most popular scenes in your favorite films strongly resemble – or rip-off, if you will – sequences that made their way to the big screen much earlier. Here are 10 famous movie scenes that were stolen from other movies.

Script by: Chris Agar

Voice Over by: David Macri

Edited by: Martin B. @HandCraftedCine

Star Wars | 0:40
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers | 1:17
Boogie Nights | 1:51
The Shining | 2:32
Pulp Fiction | 3:09
Raiders of the Lost Ark | 3:47
E.T. – The Extra Terrestrial | 4:18
The Untouchables | 4:55
Kill Bill: Volume 1 | 5:32
Blade Runner | 6:04

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