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32 AWESOME Animal Photos, Guaranteed To Make You Smile.

October 26, 2014

Here’s some wonderful animal photos to brighten your day!

#1. Just like humans the mother baboon plays aeroplane lifting its baby into the air in South Africa’s Kruger National Park

Mariana de Klerk/Barcroft MediaMariana de Klerk/Barcroft Media

#2. A male red deer with antlers covered in bracken, walks through undergrowth in Richmond Park in south west London. Over 600 red and fallow deer roam in the largest of London’s Royal Parks, and have their numbers managed in an annual cull each November and February.

Toby Melville/ReutersToby Melville/Reuters

#3. A herd of elephants slap a layer of thick mud and dust over their skin – in the same way as we apply sun block. The ‘dust bath’ is part of a daily routine that elephants practice after a morning bathe. The baking hot African sun is almost unbearable at times and the thick mud layer helps keep their body temperature down and acts as a parasite deterrent. The elephants were photographed as they were leaving a nearby waterhole in the Etosha National Park in Namibia.

Peter Delaney/Solent NewsPeter Delaney/Solent News

#4. A European Lynx yawns as it sits in the rain at the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo unphased by the change in weather in Bedfordshire

Tony Margiocchi/Barcroft MediaTony Margiocchi/Barcroft Media

#5. Say cheese! This inquisitive vole decides to take charge of a photo shoot. It had managed to climb up on a piece of moss which gave the little vole a perfect view through the camera’s viewfinder. Photographer Simon Roy captured the images in his back garden at his home near York in North Yorkshire.

Simon Roy/Solent NewsSimon Roy/Solent News

#6. An unwise cricket sits next to a green papua tree frog in Malang, East Java

Monica Anantyowati/HotSpotMonica Anantyowati/HotSpot

#7. An inquisitive baboon is swarmed by thousands of stunning yellow butterflies near the Chobe River, Botswana

Corlette Wessels/CatersCorlette Wessels/Caters

#8. Florian Kuster photographed this pair of hummingbirds on the slopes of a volcano in Costa Rica.

Florian Kuster/Solent NewsFlorian Kuster/Solent News

#9. Orphaned wombat joey named ‘Chloe’, whose mother was struck and killed on a road near Jenolan Caves in the New South Wales Central Tablelands, is pictured at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. Taronga Keeper, Evelyn Weston, has taken on the role of surrogate mum to the six-month-old joey, carrying a makeshift pouch and stopping work for bottle feeds every five hours.

EPA/Tarago ZooEPA/Tarago Zoo

#10. Farmer Johann Huber walks with his nappy-wearing cow Doris on his farm in Gmund am Tegnersee, Germany. New EU regulations being discussed are proposed to forbid manure from areas with a gradient of more than 15 per cent

Marc Muelle/EPAMarc Muelle/EPA

#11. A hungry squirrel proves to be nuts about chocolate and steals a bar of snickers from right under the photographer’s nose near Tucson in Arizona

Caters NewsCaters News

#12. A baby manatee approaches its mothers for a peck on the cheek. The bond between calves and their mothers is the closest in manatee families and can last up to two years. Photographer Carol Grant captured the intimate moments on camera at the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge in Florida.

Caters NewsCaters News

#13. A King Vulture – native to the jungles of Central and South America – looks quizzical as he peers out from his enclosure at the Los Angeles Zoo

Mark Ralston/AFPMark Ralston/AFP

#14. A pet piglet goes for a walk on a verdant lawn in Hangzhou, China


#15. Sea turtle hatchlings make their way to the sea after being released at a beach in Serangan, Bali, Indonesia. The Turtle Education and Conservation Center in Serangan has been protecting sea turtles that go there to lay eggs since 1982.

EPA/Made NagiEPA/Made Nagi

#16. These young elephants are testing their strength with a trunk fight at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire

Tony Margiocchi/Barcroft MediaTony Margiocchi/Barcroft Media

#17. A dragonfly sits on a plant at Dehing Patkai wildlife sanctuary at Tinsukia district in Assam, India. The Dehing Patkai forms the largest stretch of tropical low-land rainforest in India. The forest is often referred as ‘the Amazon of the east’ owing to its large area and thick forests.

Luit Chaliha/Barcroft IndiaLuit Chaliha/Barcroft India

#18. Two young cheetahs peer over their mother’s back as they relax in their enclosure at Basel zoo, Switzerland

Patrick Straub/EPAPatrick Straub/EPA

#19. Misseve, a disabled pooch, has dodged death all thanks to a new wheelchair and has since walked over 500 miles. Misseve was diagnosed with a chronic spinal condition that left her unable to walk. Since there is no cure for Chronic Degenerative Radiculomyelopathy Myelopathy (CDRM) dogs with the illness are subject to death.

Caters NewsCaters News

#20. A lion takes a big yawn as he rests in his enclosure at Usti nad Labem Zoo, Czech Republic

Rex FeaturesRex Features

#21. A mother barn swallow hovers above the younger bird and delivers dinner in Spaarnwoude, a village north of Amsterdam.

Menno Schaefer/HotSpot MediaMenno Schaefer/HotSpot Media

#22. A new-born giraffe calf is licked clean by its mother before successfully taking its first steps in the world after several failed attempts. Tour operator Andreas Knausenberger captured the miracle of birth after stumbling on it by accident during a safari in Masai Mara, Kenya.

Andreas Knausenberger/Caters NewsAndreas Knausenberger/Caters News

#23. This cheeky long-tailed monkey manages to get its hands on a pack of cream crackers stolen from tourists in Baluran National Park in Situbondo, Indonesia

Agoes Rudianto / Barcroft MediaAgoes Rudianto / Barcroft Media

#24. Paw and order: Bertie the goldendoodle has taken up working full-time in a court to help diabetic lawyer Joanna Golding. Bertie follows Ms Golding wherever she goes to sniff out her blood sugar level and alerts her if it drops dangerously low or shoots up suddenly.

Caters NewsCaters News

#25. The cheeky raccoon was too curious for its own good and need up with its head stuck in a drain cover. Officials from the Wildlife Emergency Services near Santa Cruz, California were called on to assist the poor animal. The experts sedated the animal and a grinder was used to carefully cut through the metal. After treating the raccoon’s superficial wounds it was given a small snack and happily set free.

Wildlife Emergency Services / Barcroft MediaWildlife Emergency Services / Barcroft Media

#26. Old English Sheepdog Carmen nurses lion cub Parys at a private zoo in Wojciechow, Poland. The lion cub was abandoned at birth by his parents and has since been cuddling up to the shaggy-haired sheepdog and mother-of-five.

Janek Skarzynski/GETTYJanek Skarzynski/GETTY

#27. This adorable rescued sea otter pup is brushing up for eventual release back into the wild. He was found without his mother when he was just three days old, and rescued by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Otter Research and Conservation (Sorac) program in Monterey, California. Young otters are only handled by staff disguised in a black poncho, a welder’s helmet and gloves, which they wear to minimise s pup’s interactions and positive associations with people.

Michael Yang/REXMichael Yang/REX

#28. A horse walks into a police station…. CCTV caught the moment the animal strolled in Cheshire Police’s headquarters in Winsford


#29. Mugo the African spotted-necked otter inspects a floating pumpkin in his enclosure at San Diego Zoo, California

Ken Bohn/APKen Bohn/AP

#30. A brave crab pinches the alligators nose in the ultimate David and Goliath face-off. The shocked shellfish was caught unawares by the devious alligator as it crept up behind it. But as soon as the plucky crustacean spotted the greedy gator it turned around and bared its pincers before reaching out and giving the giant predator a firm pinch on the nose.

Phil Lanoue/Caters NewsPhil Lanoue/Caters News

#31. Dressed to impress: A cow in a hat waits for judging in an exhibition hall on the opening day of the Golden Autumn agricultural exhibition at the VDNH (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy) multifunctional exhibition centre in Moscow, Russia

Maxim Shipenkov/EPAMaxim Shipenkov/EPA

#32. This terrifying picture of a great white shark was taken by an American teacher in South Africa. Amanda Brewer, 25, from New Jersey, took the photograph from a cage off Seal Island.

Amanda BrewerAmanda Brewer


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