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25 Ways To Hack Your Holidays

January 16, 2017

25 Ways To Hack Your Holidays | List25
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The Holiday Season is surely upon us, and with all the merry making, it’s easy to get worn out or stressed over the extra things to do, stuff to bake, and people to see. While we are in no way disparaging the holiday joy or those who revel in all things Christmas-y perfection, we are trying to be realistic; the standards set for Holiday Perfection by the media (and sometimes, ourselves) keep going up, and without realizing it, we can slip a little more into Lucy Van Pelt instead of Linus, losing the true meaning of the Holidays (whatever that is to you and yours).
To help you chill out, cut down on your to do list (and hopefully stress), and focus on the good stuff, here are 25 Ways To Hack Your Holidays.

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Make a Holiday Playlist.
Use a garment bag for creative storage
Make gift tags out of old or free paint chips
Prep and cut ahead of time
Make mulled wine for the taste and smell
Request Gift Wrapping.
Use the 30 minute rule if you have guests coming over
Decide to keep or toss family traditions
Send out of town guests to a hotel
Make a game plan when shopping
Make fancy party ice
Make whatever you can ahead of time
Share hosting responsibilities with a friend
Make room for quality time
Re-purpose hangers
Make use of a carrier
Use what you have to make a beautiful table.
Find new ways to use cookie cutters
Order things online
If you have pets or small children, anchor your Christmas Tree to the wall
Get help from photos
Don’t say yes to everything
Remove some packaging
Use paper plates.
Good Enough Is GREAT

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