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25 Unreasonably Expensive Things You Might Spend Money On Anyway

October 31, 2016

25 Unreasonably Expensive Things You Might Spend Money On Anyway | List25
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We’ve all had that moment. It’s when you stop and think to yourself, “Why on Earth does this cost so much? It really shouldn’t. There has to be a way to find this in a cheaper form.” The thing is, usually there is a cheaper version. It’s just that the easiest to find, within-arms-length product is typically more expensive.
So what sort of things are we going to be talking about? Well, there’s the obvious ones, like weddings. We know that every guy in the world is sitting there scratching his head and wondering how in the world one day could cost so much. Then there are more specific things like domestic flights in Canada. It’s strange how it can be cheaper to fly from Vancouver to London than it is to fly from Vancouver to Toronto. And then there are things that we’re just joking about. Like dating. Well, we know that some of you aren’t joking about it. But hey, not everyone’s dates are crazy expensive. We’re just going to leave that up to you and your significant other.
Without going into too much more detail, let’s just jump right in! These are 25 Unreasonably Expensive Things You Might Spend Money On Anyway!

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Trains in the UK
Beef jerky
Car insurance
Contact lenses
Haircuts for women
Airport water
HOA fees
Domestic flights in Canada
Ticket fees for live performances
Visiting family in a developing country
Taxes on the middle class
Olive oil
Electronics in Australia
Being poor

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