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25 Unreal Animals You Won’t Believe Exist

October 22, 2014

Now, how many animal species do you know? Fifty? A hundred? Or even more? Well, according to some scientific researches, there are almost 9 million of them! It’s no wonder then we do not know all of them but still – there are creatures out there you certainly won’t believe even exist. Check out 25 of the weirdest animals on Earth. Caution: Not all of them are cute and sweet.

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Here’s a preview:

Goblin shark
Abyssinian ground hornbill
Ground pangonil
Striated frogfish
Irrawaddy dolphin
Red-lipped batfish
Mantis shrimp
Pink fairy armadillo
Lion’s mane jellyfish
Boxer crab
Cantor’s giant soft-shell turtle
Blue dragon
Venezuelan poodle moth

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