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25 Things We All Do When Nobody Is Looking

September 30, 2016

25 Things We All Do When Nobody Is Looking | List25
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There is a big difference between how we act in public and how we behave when nobody is looking (or at least we think nobody is looking). We all have our little habits and quirks that we believe other people would find weird or even disgusting. This might be actually true, but do not worry – you are not the only person who does that thing that you do. In fact, millions of people all over the world probably do the very same things like you. We are all humans after all, so it is not that surprising that we all do these little bad things when we get out of the prying eyes of the public. To assure you that you really are not the only one who picks his nose, pees in the shower, or eats in bed, we took a closer look at the things we do when we are alone and compiled this list with 25 things we all do when we’re supposedly alone. From drinking straight out of a bottle and taking weird selfies to farting in the elevator, after reading these 25 Things We All Do When Nobody Is Looking, you will be sure that everybody else is just as weird as you are.

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Pick our nose
Use a smart phone on the toilet
Google ourselves
Pee our names in snow
Eat in bed
Stalk people on Facebook
Fart in an elevator
Push things under the carpet
Steal pistachios in the store
Smell your clothes to see if it is still okay to wear
Pee in the shower
Drink out of the bottle
Have conversations with inanimate objects
Have conversations with yourself
Make crazy food combinations
Measure body parts
Accept terms and conditions without reading them
Eating food off the floor
Take weird selfies
Cry when watching movies
Let the dishes soak
Clear our browsing history before someone borrows our laptop
Hang around our house in pajamas
Eat food with our fingers

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