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25 Things That Were Supposed To Be Big But Weren’t

May 1, 2017

Whether it was a political ideology, a sports star, a software application, a language, a video game platform, or a fashion trend, there are numerous examples of things that people expected to get huge but only ever amount to failed expectations (sometimes this was for the better). Today we’re going to take a closer look at some of them. These are 25 things that were supposed to be big but weren’t.

25 Things That Were Supposed To Be Big But Weren’t | List25

Second Life – It even has its own currency
Target in Canada – It seems they “missed the mark”
CD Encyclopedias – Encarta, Britannica, Compton’s…
Comet ISON – Some media sources called Comet ISON the “Comet of the Century”
3D TV – No one really thought about people who already wear glasses
Google Glass – Great concept. Poor execution.
Segway – These were supposed to revolutionize the world
Parachute pants – Can’t touch this.
Freddy Adu – More like “Freddy Adieu”
Google+ – Google is still tinkering with it today.
M. Night. Shyamalan – If every movie you do has a twist, there is no twist.
QR codes – You’ll still see them every now and again
The World – No, not our planet.
Y2K – For a while, this was legitimately terrifying.
Mars One – Some things are too good to be true.
Tout – And now Vine is gone
McWhopper – More like the “McWhoops”
Apple Maps – When it debuted it failed spectacularly.
SEGA Dreamcast – Only 9.13 million units were sold worldwide
Solar powered roadways – They were supposed to melt snow & cut greenhouse gases by 75%
Tim Tebow – Hopefully his baseball career goes better.
Esperanto – You can still try to learn it on Duolingo
LaserDisc – Although the LaserDisc format was supplanted by DVD by the late 1990s, many titles are still highly coveted
Communism – Derived from Karl Marx and advocated class war
XFL – It was like a train wreck.

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