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25 Things That Aren’t Illegal But You Wish They Were

March 18, 2017

25 Things That Aren’t Illegal But You Wish They Were | List25
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These things aren’t illegal. Not even close. They’re completely within the law, but that definitely doesn’t stop you from wishing that they weren’t. So what exactly are we on about?
Well, let’s start by giving you some examples. There’s people leaving messes just because they know that somebody else is being paid to clean them. Of course, this isn’t illegal, but it’s definitely enough to get on your nerves a little bit. On a more serious note, however, there are those sorts of silly things that aren’t just legal, but are actively encouraged by the legal system. For example, suing people. Now we’re not talking about just any kind of law suit. We’re talking about the kind of suing people where you’re robbing a store, you fall through the roof, you hurt yourself, and then you sue the store owner because you got hurt. What on Earth is that all about?
You might be thinking to yourself, “These are all corner cases; people don’t really do these things that often.” Well, finish the list and then decide for yourself. What do you think? Should these things be legal? And just as a disclaimer: of course they should. It’s called living in a free country. We’re just venting here! These are 25 things that aren’t illegal but you wish they were!

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Over-reclining airplane seats without asking
Tax avoidance
Smoking indoors around kids
Stopping in the middle of a busy street to let pedestrians cross
Eating your coworker’s lunch out of the refrigerator
Taking up two parking spaces
People trying to get on the train before everybody gets off
Listening to music without headphones
Buying the patent for a medicine and hiking the price 50 fold
People allowing their kids to kick you for the whole movie
Yelling at the cashier because something is wrong
Complaining about food just to get it comped
Taking a full cart into the express checkout lane
Taking up extra seats on the subway
Overcharging ignorant customers
Cutting lines
Suing people who saved their lives
Crashing the global economy by handing out bad home loans and betting they fail
Taking loans you know you can’t afford and blaming everyone else when you’re in debt or your house is in foreclosure
Suing the people who’s store you just burglarized because you got injured while breaking the glass
Leaving a mess because someone is paid to clean it
Parents complaining to teachers when their children fail due to not meeting the requirements

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