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25 Things That Are A LOT More SERIOUS Than People Think (seriously)

April 1, 2017

Why so serious? Whether it’s a health issue, an environmental issue, or a geopolitical issue, there are a lot of things out there that are more serious than people realize. The problem is that quite often we are focused on the wrong ones. Everybody thinks that terrorism is the biggest threat facing their well-being when in reality it’s the sugar drink in their hand! These are 25 things that are a lot more serious than people think.

25 Things That Are A Lot More Serious Than People Think | List25

Stress – This can cause major problems and greatly decrease your quality of life.
Concussions – You could have one and not even know.
Arthritis – Yes, your grandma may complain about it, but it’s more serious than you could imagine.
Power tools – There are warning labels for a reason.
Group think – It’s like a terrible version of a flash mob.
Psychological abuse – Which is worse, physical or psychological abuse? Watch to find out.
Antibiotic resistance – We’re building a tolerance, and that’s not good.
Owning dogs – Too many people get dogs without being ready for them.
Diabetes – We may joke about “diabeetus” but it’s more serious than that.
Dental hygiene – Dentures aren’t fun.
Depression – You can’t just “feel happier”
Being alone – Without even a volleyball to keep you company.
Sleep – There’s a reason 8 hours a night is suggested.
Texting while driving – Is it worth the risk to send that text?
Ocean acidification – Just look at the Great Barrier Reef.
The number of prisoners in America – America ranks high, and that’s no joke.
The bee die-off – You’re gonna miss them when they’re gone.
Mass paranoia – This kind of goes along with Group Think, in a more severe manner.
Human trafficking – The fact that this is still going on is just awful.
OCD – A lot of people THINK they have it, but for those that do, it’s no laughing matter.
Added sugar – It’s in more things than you think.
Sitting – You’re probably doing this right now.
Suicide – “Suicide is Painless” could not be more wrong.
Diet – You don’t want to pay for it when you’re older.
Melanoma – It’s so simple to prevent. Just do it!

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