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25 Things That A LOT Of People Tend To UNDERESTIMATE

May 16, 2017

People quite often tend to underestimate things. For example, most people would say the world has become more and more dangerous over time. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. It may seem to be dangerous because online media allows us to hear about things happening all over the world but it is statistically more peaceful than it has ever been in history. These are 25 things that a lot of people tend to underestimate.

25 Things That A Lot Of People Tend To Underestimate | List25

How hard other people work – It always looks easy…until YOU do it.
People who don’t speak their language very well – Don’t underestatement their intelligence, especially if they know more than one language
The ocean – It can look peaceful…until it’s not.
How long it takes to lose weight or get stronger – It takes more than two weeks…give yourself time and don’t give up
How expensive it is to move out of your parents place – It’s expensive.
Fast moving water – Don’t underestimate fast moving water…it can cost you dearly
Compound interest – It’s not a bad way to save
Good manners – always appreciated
How early you have to leave to get somewhere in time – People seriously underestimate this. Add 5 minutes.
How easy it is to manipulate them – If you think you’re not being manipulated, chances are, you are.
Lifestyle inflation – Don’t underestimate your desire to live more comfortably
Kids – they know more than we give them credit
Sleep – sleep is NOT overrated…it’s neccessary
The ability to get caught in mob mentality – You will get caught;. Don’t understimate the possibility to do so.
Punches – they can kill…seriously
Wild animals – they look cute…until you are in their belly
Confirmation bias – blind folds to everything that you don’t agree with.
Timeframes in computer engineering – that project is going to take longer…we guarantee it.
Driving – probably one of the most underestimated things…it is very dangerous.
Food portions – they tend to be larger than neccessary
Kind words – We need more of them…please
Advertising – They tell you what to buy and you do it.
Russian winters – Cold in an understatement
Long term consequences – these are always underestamated
World peace – In spite of the hype, we live in peaceful times.

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