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25 Things People Actually Believed In The 90’s

January 31, 2017

25 Things People Actually Believed In The 90’s | List25
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The world is a lot different than it used to be. That goes without saying. These days it seems like everything just moves so fast. The 90’s almost seems like a different century. Wait a minute…yes, it seems fitting for a list such as this. They really were a different century. So much has changed since then. The clothes you wore to high school? No longer cool. The things you collected? No longer cool. The music you listened to? No longer cool. It’s all different now! So if you want to catch up, we’re here for you. That’s what we get paid for – imparting extremely trivial knowledge on to our readers, viewers, and listeners.
Today is going to a marvelous trip back through history. All those things that are no longer cool, no longer true, or just no longer exist…that’s what we’re going to be looking at. There may be some nostalgia, but there may also be some relief. Seriously, who ever thought that Beanie Babies were a good idea? Those stuffed little critters turned every other mom into a rabid stuffed critter collector. Okay, over exaggeration, but jokes aside, these are 25 Things People Actually Believed In The 90’s.

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The future would be better than the past
The housing market can only go up
That babies wouldn’t remember anything anyway, so we shouldn’t use anesthesia
One day you would take your kids to Blockbuster
When you grow up you, won’t just walk around with a calculator in your pocket
You need to learn cursive. In college everything will be in cursive.
Only weirdos thought the government was tracking us.
You would never be able to fill up more than 512mb
Beanie Babies were a good investment, and they would make you rich
That Jeeves would always be there to answer questions
IT means job for life
Body wash is for women
The food pyramid
Birds are not dinosaurs
Phones would keep getting smaller
Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis
That mini-discs were the future of music
That Apple would go bankrupt
Africanized honey bees were going to take over the country
That cell phones would blow up gas stations
Parents need to check their kids’ Halloween candy for poison
That getting a degree will land you a good job
That Starter Jackets were cool
Y2K would end the world, and planes would fall from the sky
Pluto is a planet

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