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25 Surprising ALTERNATIVE Uses For Everyday THINGS

May 16, 2017

With a little creativity, you can come up with useful alternative uses for everyday things. Although some objects (like duct tape) have an incredible range of potential uses, these sometimes weren’t what those things were originally intended for. Other things (like Listerine) may have even had a slightly disturbing origin. (In Listerine’s case, it was used as a floor cleaner.) Either way, here are 25 Surprising Alternative Uses For Everyday Things Found Around Your House!

25 Surprising Alternative Uses For Everyday Things | List25

Duct tape – You knew this would be on here, didn’t you?
Febreze – Does more than just keeps your house smelling fresh
Lemons – They’re like nature’s duct tape.
Squeegee – Useful AND fun to say…squeegee.
Aspirin – It’s kinda cool when medicines do more than they were made for.
Silly putty – More like, space putty, amirite?
Q-tips – Just don’t do that before putting it in your ear.
Mouthwash – It can kill germs OUTSIDE your mouth too.
Potato chips – Delicious delicious kindling.
Tennis balls – Then use them to play with your dog.
Butter – Just don’t reuse the butter afterwards. Gross.
Mustard – Even I was surprised that it could be used for that.
Baking soda – Just make sure you change it out every so often.
Coffee – Smells way better than Raid.
Eggs – Which came first, the chicken or the dirty leather?
Newspapers – Also good for cleaning windows.
Olive oil – Also good for dating Popeye…wait…
Dryer sheets – Probably not the static on your radio though.
Coffee filters – Lights, camera, coffee (filters).
Vinegar – Useful, but would not make for a great superpower.
Makeup brushes – And they’re great at applying makeup! You knew that already, didn’t you?
Shower caps – Again, probably don’t want to reuse these for their intended purpose after.
Hair straighteners – Please don’t actually kill two birds. Just stick to ironing your clothes.
Cooking spray – Or dirt, if you don’t live where there is snow.
Soda tabs – You can’t spell “art” without sodatabs…and an extra R…and removing a few letters.

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