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25 Shocking Things That Are Not As Dangerous As You May Think (Featuring Cody’s Lab)

December 2, 2016

25 Shocking Things That Are Not As Dangerous As You May Think (Featuring Cody’s Lab) | List25
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Everything is dangerous; everything is poison; everything causes cancer; everything rots your brain; and the world is descending into chaos and entropy.  This is basically what we’re told every day by the media, and it makes sense because fear sells. It’s also just prudent to understand what the risks around you are, to be informed. However, is everything really as dangerous as we’ve been told? What if some things we’ve all been told or led to assume are highly dangerous simply…aren’t?
Common Sense Warning: List25 is not endorsing or recommending for you to do any of the things listed here. This is a fun and informational list, not life advice. You are ultimately responsible for your own personal safety (or your child’s), not someone who posts things on the internet. Use some sense, and if you find you don’t have any, err on the side of caution: stay home and on the internet.
The best way to be safe is always, always, information, so here’s a list of 25 Shocking Things That Are Not As Dangerous As You May Think.

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Halloween Candy
Running out of Fuel or Complete Engine Failure on an Airplane
Climate Change
Eating Raw or Under-cooked Pork
Allowing Kids to Play Outside Alone
Exploding Gas Tank
Licking a Shopping Cart
Juggling Objects Lit on Fire
Pit Bulls
Using Your Phone In-Flight
The Bubonic Plague
Terrorism/Global Politics/Being the Victim of a Random Crime
Consuming Raw, Unpasteurized Milk
Taking a Tour of Pripyat (Chernobyl)
Driving over 100 MPH
Playing Video Games
Touching Mercury
Ingesting Cyanide
Eating Dry Ice
Giant Asteroid or Comet Hitting Earth

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