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25 Scariest Things On Earth You Probably Haven’t Realized

January 31, 2017

25 Scariest Things On Earth You Probably Haven’t Realized | List25
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By now you probably know that the world is a much scarier place than you thought it was when you were a kid. We all start out seeing things through rose colored glasses and this changes rapidly as we age. Depending on how introspective you are, you may or may not have ever considered today’s topic regarding the scariest things on Earth.

For those of you who like to spend time lost in your thoughts, we are almost sure that you have already asked yourselves, “what is the scariest thing in the world?” Questions like this go right along with “what is the worst way to die?” or “what is the most painful experience you could possibly ever have?” While these aren’t exactly uplifting questions, and they certainly won’t help you sleep at night, they can be interesting in a very twisted kind of way.

For those of you who have never given this any thought, that’s good. You are probably better off for it. Feel free, however, to continue reading so that you can find out exactly what you’re not missing. Or at least you can shake up your mundane day a little bit. So let’s get to it, these are 25 Scariest Things On Earth You Probably Haven’t Realized.

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Elephant’s foot
Locked-in Syndrome
Alzheimer’s Disease
Nuclear warheads
Organ harvesting
Condition 1 weather in Antarctica
The deep sea
Ice Crevasses
Giant Squids
The suicide plant
Amoebas that eat your brain
Vampire fish
Fatal Familial Insomnia
Delta P
Resistance to antibiotics

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