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25 Quotes From Unlikely Sources That Are Actually Quite Inspirational

October 1, 2016

25 Quotes From Unlikely Sources That Are Actually Quite Inspirational | List25
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The world around us is full of inspiration, regardless if we’re trying to figure out the perfect ending to that novel we’ve been writing for two years, to decide on the perfect name for our new baby girl, or to get motivated to leave a dead-end job and push forward into new directions. Though some of the greatest quotes in history have come from the world’s greatest orators and thinkers, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Lao-Tzu, and Frederick Douglass, we can find inspiration in even the most unlikely of places and from the most unlikely of sources.
This list presents quotes to inspire you for whatever you need a little boost for. Some of them come from the most evil people in history, and some come from people we think to be dumb or stupid. They’re also here to make you think; just because somebody may be known as a dunce or has done terrible things, does it make them incapable of brilliance? Let us know if you’re surprised or shocked by any of these sources while finding some nuggets of inspiration to make you think about the world differently from our list of 25 Quotes From Unlikely Sources That Are Actually Quite Inspirational.

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Audrey Hepburn (Source: AKON)
Saddam Hussein (Source: iheartintelligence)
Mike Tyson (Source: Sun Sentinel)
Carter Chambers, from The Bucket List (Source: Hubspot)
Chuck Norris (Source: AKON)
General George S. Patton (Source: Hubspot)
Attila the Hun (Source: iheartintelligence)
Milton Berle (Source: AKON)
Idi Amin (Source: iheartintelligence)
Bob Marley (Source: AKON)
Woody Allen (Source: Hubspot)
Joseph Goebbels (Source: iheartintelligence)
Mike Tyson (Source: Sun Sentinel)
Sherlock Holmes (Source: Hubspot)
Megan Fox (Source: AKON)
Barbie, from Toy Story 3 (Source: Reddit)
Kim Il-Sung (Source: iheartintelligence)
Mary J. Blige (Source: AKON)
George Clooney (Source: Hubspot)
Edna Mode, from The Incredibles (Source:
Captain Jack Sparrow (Source: Reddit)
Butters, from South Park (Source: Reddit)
Mewtwo (Source: Reddit)
Marilyn Monroe (Source: Hubspot)
Walt Disney (Source: Hubspot)

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