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25 Most Ridiculous Lies Parents Actually Tell Their Kids

December 2, 2016

25 Most Ridiculous Lies Parents Actually Tell Their Kids | List25
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Parents always tell their children they should not lie, explaining to them how bad and naughty telling lies is, but in fact, they lie very often themselves. Honesty might be the most ethical policy, but sometimes, it is just not effective enough. If you cannot get your kids to behave by the standard ways, you are likely to resort to an alternative option – lie to them. Sometimes, it is so much easier to “stretch the truth” for the good of all, which is why so many lies have been told to kids by their parents. Some of the lies are actually so funny and creative that we decided to make an entire post out of them. If you want to have a good laugh over some of the finest lies, craziest and funniest lies, that have ever been told to kids by their parents, enjoy these 25 Most Ridiculous Lies Parents Actually Tell Their Kids.

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The ice cream truck music only plays when they run out of ice cream.

They don’t sell replacement batteries for this toy.

If you don’t behave in the drive-thru line, you will get a Sad Meal.

No, it’s not coke. It is just black water, and you wouldn’t like it.

There are no cartoons on at night because that’s when the characters sleep.

The candy up by the register at stores is old and left over. The stores put it there so the manufacturers can come back and pick it up because it went bad.

The animals on the side of the road are just taking a nap because the road is warm.

It is not calamari. It is Italian onion rings.

The TV only works when it rains.

If you eat enough vegetables, your body will make them taste like candy.

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