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25 Interesting Truths About Your Musculoskeletal System That Are Truly Powerful

September 30, 2016

25 Interesting Truths About Your Musculoskeletal System That Are Truly Powerful | List25
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Umm, excuse me, do you have any tape? Because I’m ripped…get it? Ripped? Oh well, we try. And yes, today we’re going to be talking about muscles. They’re those things that you use all the time. Seriously, they never stop. Whether it is your sphincter or chest muscles causing you to breathe, your cardiac muscles pumping blood through your body, or your eyelids constantly blinking, every second of every day there is a muscle somewhere in your body contracting.  Here’s a fun fact for you – we can’t even define precisely how many muscles we have. Based on how you count them, you can have anywhere from several hundred to more than 50 billion. That’s a lot of muscles. Now, something critical to understand is that those muscles you typically think about (the big skeletal ones) only constitute a very small amount of the total number of muscles in your body. Most of your muscles are involved in little things that you never see like the muscles in your intestines helping you digest your food, for example, or the muscles inside your ears that help dampen and amplify sound. They are all important. These are 25 Interesting Truths About Your Musculoskeletal System That Are Truly Powerful!

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Some studies have shown that consuming watermelon juice prior to working out reduces soreness. (Source:

That falling sensation you get right when you are about to fall asleep is called a hypnic jerk. It happens because your brain misinterprets your relaxing muscles as a fall and attempts to regain its balance. (Source: wikipedia)

In spite of months of inactivity while hibernating, bears don’t experience muscular degeneration like humans would. Scientists are in the process of studying how this can help us. (Source: wikipedia)

The Tensor Tympani muscles in your ear reduces the sound of chewing coming from your mouth. (Source: wikipedia)

When film designers want to create aliens that are very humanoid, they make sure to include a sternocleidomastoid muscle (in the neck). It is a very mammalian feature and even C-3PO had it in the form of bolts on his neck. (Source: wikipedia)

Stone Man Syndrome is a rare disease that causes body tissues to be ossified, or turned to bone, when it is damaged. Sometimes this can cause injured joints to be rendered completely unusable. (Source: wikipedia)

If all of your muscles pulled in the same direction, you could move 25 tons. (Source: wikipedia)

The stapedius in your ear is the smallest muscle in your body. It actually serves to dampen vibrations and protect your inner ear, primarily from the sound of your own voice. (Source: wikipedia)

The Palmaris longus is a visible tendon in your anterior wrist that is missing in about 14% of people. It can be used to replace other tendons should they get injured. (Source: wikipedia)

Researchers at the University of Texas have found a way to create artificial muscles out of fishing line and sewing thread. These muscles are more than 100 times more powerful than normal muscles. (Source: wikipedia)

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