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25 HEALTHY HABITS That Aren’t As Healthy As You’ve Been Led To Believe (We Have Been Deceived!)

March 2, 2017

Are you following proper healthy habits? When it comes to drinking orange juice, or following the food pyramid, or committing to some sort of new diet, most of us would be quick to point out how healthy these things are, but of course, there is a sliding scale here. Some “healthy habits” are healthier than others. For example, juice is better than coke, but it’s still worse than water. And that’s what we’re going to be talking about today. These are 25 Healthy Habits That Aren’t As Healthy As You’ve Been Led To Believe.

Following the food pyramid is not as healthy as you might think. There is a reason that it has been updated to MyPlate.

Doing only one form of exercise. Swim, bike, run, lift, climb. Cross training is the best thing for your body.

Packaged healthy foods: While better than candy bars, they don’t beat fresh, whole produce.

Avoiding microwaves: It doesn’t kill nutrients; it’s just that most microwaveable foods don’t come with a lot of nutrients to start with.

Cleansing: Eat right, exercise, and your body will take care of the toxins. Depriving yourself of nutrients does more harm than good.

Store bought smoothies: One Naked will provide you with half your daily sugar intake.

Meal replacement shakes: Nothing can replace a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Tans: No amount of tanning is healthy. Your body releases melanin in response to skin damage by UV radiation. So if you have a tan, your skin has been damaged.

Low calorie foods: Be careful with this health myth. Just because something is low calorie, doesn’t make it healthy. Styrofoam is low-calorie.

Blowing of steam or venting: Psychology tells us that venting your anger actually leads to more anger. Going for a walk is a much better health habit.

Be sure to watch the video to find out why these are not the best “healthy habits” out there:

Demanding aggressive treatment and testing from the doctor
Taking supplements
Red wine and chocolate
Drinking all of your meals
Gluten free food
Fad diets
Vegan food
Vitamin water
Fat free food
Listening to nutritionists
Sanitizing everything
Brushing your teeth right after a meal or puking

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