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25 Harry Potter Fan Theories That Will Make You Think

March 2, 2017

Back before Pottermore, before Fantastic Beasts, and a Cursed Child, there were Seven Books. Seven amazing books about a boy wizard that left us with sometimes more mysteries than the boy and his friends managed to solve. Even now that the books have all been read and the universe is being expanded beyond The Boy Who Lived, there are some questions that we’ll never have the answers to. To explore some of those questions and the sometimes clever, sometimes out there, explanations fans have come up with, here are 25 Harry Potter Fan Theories That Will Make You Think.
25 Harry Potter Fan Theories That Will Make You Think | List25

Horcrux Spell
Crookshanks & Regulus Black
Dursleys’ Attitude
Ginny’s Love Potion
JK Rowling & Rita Skeeter
The Hufflepuff Secret
Harry & Sirius Family Link
Gilderoy Lockhart’s Employment
The True Nature of Severus Snape
Harry’s Distant Relatives
Mary Poppins
Ministry of Magic
Voldemort’s Lack of Hair
Malfoy a Werewolf?
Sirius & Remus
Harry & Godric Gryffindor
Harry & Time Travel
The Master of Death
Dumbledore & Grindelwald
House Requests
Hagrid’s Lack of a Patronus
Voldemort, Harry, Snape and the Three Deathly Hallows
Harry’s Mortality?
Harry & Hermione

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