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25 Goofy Questions To Liven Up Your Day

April 17, 2017

There is something to be said for simple, goofy questions. They are the ones that seem so silly and so mundane, but they catch you off guard when it comes to formulating an answer. Now, to be clear, there are two types of questions in this category.
The first type is the legitimate, scientific, and serious question. These are the ones that typically start with a “why?” For example, why is the sky blue? You’ll probably have noticed that this is the same type of question that a child would ask. You give them an answer, however, and they then proceed to ask another question. Why? Because of the sun. But why because of the sun? Because of the way the sunlight interacts with the atmosphere. But why? And around in circles you go until you are exhausted and honestly don’t know the answer anyway.
Today’s questions will not be like that. Today’s are the second type. These are the questions that don’t actually have a serious answer. They are the dead pan, satirical, and ironic version. These are the questions that you ask not to elicit a legitimate answer, but rather to get some laughs. These are 25 Goofy Questions To Liven Up Your Day!

25 Goofy Questions To Liven Up Your Day | List25

Why is it a butterfly and not a flutterby?
Why do we wait until a pig is dead before we start to cure it?
How do you redouble your effort on a single task?
How do you give someone your word and keep it?
Is it good or bad if my vacuum cleaner sucks?
Why do we park in a driveway but drive on a parkway?
How come your nose runs and your feet smell?
Why do we call them apartments when they’re all stuck together?
If Pinocchio says his nose will grow, what will happen?
Why does read rhyme with reed but read rhymes with red?
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