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25 Every Day Things That Are Better When They Are Broken

February 23, 2017

Things are better when they’re not broken. Right? Like, when they’re new? Or at least when they’re fixed? That’s what most people would say, in all likelihood yourself included. To be honest, it probably holds true for the majority of things, but can we think of at least a few things that are better when they’re broken? These don’t have to be concrete objects. They can be concepts, ideas, or some sort of abstract notion. We’re sure you can think of a few if you try hard enough. Well, we’re just going to go ahead and help you out. The following list includes a bunch of things that are better when you break them (like eggs). Some, in fact, are downright bad before you break them (like awkward silences). And to tell you the truth, a few of them don’t even exist unless you “break” them (like news stories). So, regardless of what it is prior to the breakage, one thing is certain…it’s better when it’s broken, no matter what “it” is. So, without giving away too much of our list, get ready for us to break it down because these are 25 Everyday Things That Are Better When They Are Broken!

25 Every Day Things That Are Better When They Are Broken | List25

The laws of physics – Let me fly, gravity!
Glass ceilings – Do I have to clean them the way Michelangelo painted them?
Unhealthy relationships – Yeah…get out now.
Jeans – The pants, not people named Jean.
Pistachios – Probably my favorite nut.
Ice – I bet actual vanilla ice, wouldn’t taste all that great.
Rice – Neither would vanilla rice. I feel like that’s tapioca, and that’s gross.
Horses – My friend Miles once had a horse. His name was Dillon.
Doritos in a sandwich – Favorite flavor: Spicy Sweet Chili. Hands down.
Baseball gloves – I need to get a new one. Mine broke.
Water balloons – Don’t make them too big. Then they get awkward to throw.
New boots – To go with your new jeans.
Wind – “It’s a big hat. It’s funny”
Bad – Tristan says this is the greatest show ever.
Awkward silence – ……………………………………………
Fresh bread – Also fresh french bread.
Pinatas – I had a Ninja Turtle one for my 5th birthday.
Fasts – Break. Fast. Breakfast.
Bad habits – Cause I’m breaking the habit, tonight.
A news story – THIS JUST IN…
World records – I wonder if there are any that I could break.
Noisy kids toys – I am suddenly reminded of Milton Fludgecow and his demonic Furby.
Chocolate Bars – Or shaved. Or grated. Oooh! Or melted.
Glowsticks – Uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss.
Eggs – You know what they say about making an omelette…

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