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25 Diabolical Fantasy Villains That May Cause You To Shiver In The Night

April 2, 2017

25 Diabolical Fantasy Villains That May Cause You To Shiver In The Night | List25
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The world of fantasy is a broad and all-encompassing universe in which our greatest dreams can be brought to life through literature, animation, film, performance, and graphic novels. However, many heroes are only as great as their strongest villain, so along with our dreams, sometimes comes incredibly complex and powerful nightmares. Sometimes these villains are so well conceived that they make their corresponding hero seem shallow or one-dimensional. Other times they do exactly what we need them to: create a strong, thoughtful antagonist to a well-developed protagonist. Using an extremely complex algorithm that combines fame and power level (basically… I winged it), here are 25 Diabolical Fantasy Villains That May Cause You To Shiver In The Night.

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Gollum – The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings (Books / Films)
Scar – Disney’s The Lion King (Animated Film)
Gaston – Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (Animated Film)
Dolores Umbridge – Harry Potter Series (Books / Films)
The Joker – DC Comics’ Batman (Graphic Novels / Films)
Bellatrix Lestrange – Harry Potter Series (Books / Films)
Jareth The Goblin King – Labyrinth (Film)
Professor Moriarty – Sherlock Holmes Stories (Books)
Ursula the Sea Witch – Disney’s The Little Mermaid (Animated Film)
Jafar – Disney’s Aladdin (Animated Film)
Morgan Le Fay – Arthurian Legend (Various)
The Wicked Witch of the West – The Wizard of Oz (Film)
Dracula – Bram Stroker’s Dracula (Book and subsequent films)
The Lord of Darkness – Legend (Film)
Lord Voldemort – Harry Potter (Books / Films)
Hades – Disney’s Hercules (Animated Film)
Jadis, The White Witch of Narnia – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Book and Film)
Maleficent – Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (Animated Film)
Grendel – (Original Poem, and Various Pop Culture Forms since)
Smaug – The Hobbit (Book and Films)
Magneto – (X-Men Graphic Novels, Movies)
Sephiroth – (Final Fantasy VII Video Game and Supporting Games / Materials)
Sauron (The Lord of the Rings – Books and Films)
The Nothing (The Neverending Story – Novel and Film)
Satan (Paradise Lost)

Image Sources:
25 – Gollum (
24 – From the Disney Movie “The Lion King”
23 – Gaston (
21 – Joker (
18 – Moriarty (public domain
4 – Sephiroth (

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