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25 Creative Uses for a Lonely Orphaned Sock

January 2, 2017

25 Creative Uses for a Lonely Orphaned Sock | List25
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Chances are, at this very moment, you have an orphaned sock or two twenty in your drawers. Somehow, someway, a pair has become one, and now you don’t know what to do with all the solo socks. But never fear! There are plenty of uses for that single sock, from the kitchen to the car to the baby’s room.
In this list, we’ve wrangled up 25 different ways you can creatively use a sock to give it a second life. (Do-it-yourself’ers and up-cyclers will especially love this list.) If you find your car windows fog up in cold weather, but don’t know what to do about it, there’s a sock for that. If you’re trying to protect your young one from hurting him or herself as they begin exploring the world, there’s a sock for that. If you’re always dropping the soap and want to find a simple solution, there’s a sock for that. The uses are endless, so if you have more orphaned socks than points on this list, get creative and let us know what kind of genius ways you find to use them. Put those old or abandoned socks to use and give them a new life in this list of 25 Creative Uses for a Lonely Orphaned Sock.

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If you’ve lost the cover to your small umbrella, no problem. You’ve probably lost one of the socks in a pair, too, so just put the abandoned sock over a rolled-up wet umbrella to keep it from dripping in your car or bag.

To make your own cheap wristband to mop up sweat in the gym, just cut the cuff off a sock and slip it over your wrist.

If you’re used to hiking in hot climates, cover your frozen water bottle with a sock to keep it colder for longer.

If your car windows frequently fog up, put some kitty litter in a sock, tie it closed, and put it next to your front or rear window when it gets cold. The litter will help absorb the moisture before it even accumulates on your windows.

Putting jewelry in a single sock when you travel can help keep it in one place and give it some protection. The bonus is would-be thieves probably won’t go looking through your socks for valuables.

If you don’t have a heating pad, you can put regular (not instant) rice or dried beans in a sock and tie it shut before microwaving it for a minute. The result is a reusable heating pad for aching, sore muscles.

An orphaned sock works great in the kitchen, especially to slip over a pan handle to keep you from getting burned. The sock also keeps the handle from getting sticky – just wash it occasionally.

To keep the shape of boots and other tall shoes, fill two long socks with rolled-up newspapers or balled-up paper and stick them in the necks of the shoes.

If you’re moving a heavy piece of furniture, put a sock on its feet to prevent scratching your floor.

To keep dress shoes from scuffing in your luggage, put each shoe in a stretched-out, old sock.

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