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25 Crazy Things That Might Make You Wonder What People Are Thinking

September 5, 2016


25 Crazy Things That Might Make You Wonder What People Are Thinking | List25
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If you like this video subscribe to List25: you’re like the rest of us, then there are almost certainly at least some things that will make you think, “What on Earth?” These are the crazy things that keep you up at night. Maybe you saw them in a movie, and at first they didn’t bother you, but then later on, they just wouldn’t leave you alone.
For example, how on Earth does Superman convince anybody with his “costume”? It’s basically just Clark Kent taking off his glasses and putting on a cape. Would anybody actually fall for that? It seems like a long shot. But then there is another type of thing on our list. These are the things that you just don’t understand about society and people. For example, why won’t people use their blinkers? It can’t be that hard right? It’s just a flick of the wrist and the job is done, but for some reason, there are people out there that drive around without signaling. Or what about people camping out just to buy the new iPhone that is almost identical to the old iPhone? These are the things that can leave you wondering. These are 25 Crazy Things That Might Make You Wonder What People Are Thinking.

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People following the Kardashians
Racking up credit card debt
“I could care less”
People selling stuff for almost the same price that they bought it
Health professionals who smoke
“Calm down”
Live photos on iPhone
People who hate technology
Camping out for the new iPhone
Quantum Mechanics
Not using metric
People posting love quotes on their significant other’s online profile
Companies charging to pay them online
Getting genuinely excited during company team building exercises
Complaining to the cashier about the price
Not using blinkers
People who are against sweat shops
Being proud of your jerkiness
Peep toe boots
Restaurant websites not having the menu
People getting worked up about how the English language is being butchered
House listings without any pictures
Holocaust denial
Flat earth theory
Superman’s costume

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