10 STRANGE Things TSA Agents Found in LUGGAGE

December 15, 2016

There have been many changes over the last 12 years regarding what is allowed on airplanes. The horrendous events of 9/11 have essentially changed the way that airports and all public means of transportation operate. This doesn’t mean, however that some people don’t try exceedingly hard to bring certain things on a plane that they know would be otherwise forbidden. Some even go to extra lengths and threw extraordinary measures to try and hide or conceal the dangerous, bizarre and sometimes downright inappropriate things, in an attempt to sneak onto planes. This list will undoubtedly speak to the efficiency and hard work that is displayed by the transportation security administration agents, otherwise known as TSA agents, that must be vigilant in their line of work to insure the safety of hundreds and thousands of people every single day. The list included below are the top ten strange things TSA agents found in luggage.

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Top 10 Shocking Things Found GROWING in PEOPLE


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10. Snakes on a plane?
9. A harmless science project or an explosive?
8. Grenade launcher
7. Gassed Up Chainsaw
6. Stun Gun Disguised as Cell Phone
5. Fireworks in the Sky
4. Novelty Swords
3. Live eels in checked luggage?
2. Comb-knife or knife-comb?
1. Razor blades in jeans

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