10 Popular Movie Characters Who Are Barely In The Movie!

February 2, 2017

10 Famous Movie Characters With Almost No Screen Time
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When watching a movie, many viewers will gravitate towards the main characters, which make sense they’re on-screen often throughout the film. Since we spend more time with the stars of the show, we’re more likely to become fans of them. But not every famous face in Hollywood has to hog all the screen time. Some can efficiently and effectively work their way into our hearts, making a memorable impression in little time at all. With their appearances so ingrained in pop culture, you may be surprised that some of the most iconic characters in cinema barely had a role to play in their film. Here are 10 famous movie characters with almost no screen time.

Script by: Chris Agar

Voice Over by: Benjamin Harris

Edited by: Guillaume Borgomano

Jurassic Park | 00:34
The Silence of the Lambs | 01:05
Beetlejuice | 01:38
Léon: The Professional | 02:11
Se7en | 02:43
Glengarry Glen Ross | 03:16
Shakespeare in Love | 03:48
Les Miserables | 04:19
The Empire Strikes Back | 04:47
Star Wars | 05:18

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