10 MORE Facts That Sound Like BS, But Are TRUE (Part 4)

April 29, 2017

It seems like only yesterday that we dredged the back vaults of our list-writing brains to give you ten facts that sounded like they couldn’t possibly be true, but were. And what a list that was, huh? Full of crazy, once-in-a-lifetime facts of the sort you’re unlikely to witness ever again, the sort of tales that could only come once in a blue…

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Top 10 More TRUE FACTS That Sound Like BS

Top 10 MIND BLOWING Facts That Sound Like BS but are True

Text version:

Coming up:

10. Chicago Was Once Raised 6 Feet (and no-one noticed)
9. Irish Traffic Police Accidentally Invented their own Supervillain
8. The State of Maine Has More Black Bears than Black People
7. Congress Name-Checks Hitler Seven Times a Month
6. We Still Have No Idea How Many People Chernobyl Killed
5. Nintendo Existed at the Same Time as the Ottoman Empire
4. The Ocean Contains 20 Million Tons of (unclaimed) Gold
3. The Biggest Quake in History Hit 23 on the Richter Scale
2. Antechinus Mice are so Sex-obsessed They Literally Screw Themselves to Death
1. You Make History Every Time You Shuffle a Deck of Cards

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Godwin’s laws: Congress can’t stop bringing up Hitler


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