10 Controversial Disney Movies That Caused Serious Problems

November 19, 2016

Here are 10 Disney films that are full of serious problems! (Moana, Zootopia, Finding Dory and more!)
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It is impossible for a Disney film to be released without garnering attention, whether it be from the massive ticket sales, the indelible mark on pop culture, or the continued dedication by children and adults who become entranced by the characters and music featured in the films. Even with Disney’s most beloved films, controversy often looms. Here are 10 Famous Disney Movies that Caused Serious Controversy.

Script by: Megan Bushree

Voice Over by: Ben Harris

Edited by: Martin B. @HandCraftedCine

Zootopia, Walt Disney Studios (1996) | 0:30
Mulan, Buena Vista Pictures (1998) | 1:12
101 Dalmatians, Buena Vista Pictures (1996) | 1:50
Alice in Wonderland, PKO Radio Pictures (1951) | 2:43
Toy Story 2, Buena Vista Pictures (1999) | 3:25
Tangled, Walt Disney Studios (2010) | 4:09
Pocahontas, Buena Vista Pictures (1995) | 4:59
Finding Dory, Walt Disney Studios (2016) | 5:39
Aladdin, Buena Vista Pictures (1992) | 6:19
Moana, Walt Disney Studios (2015) | 6:55

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