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September 12, 2014

Since I last posted, I saw the Captain America movie one and a half times and I got very into it. Hence, a Captain America heavy week (two weeks), and a series of stories about perspectives and impressions.

This week’s pick is:
From “It” to “She”: How Scarlett Johansson Owns Her Movie Sexuality,” by Kyle Buchanan, New York Magazine, April 4, 2014 
I like this article because I am really really fond of Scarlett Johansson these days, and because it says everything I was already thinking about her. She’s so great these days! She’s so smart and sexy and smart about being sexy and what she’s doing ties into what it is to be an actress, to be a sexual woman in our society, all these things. She’s just great, this is just great.

Is Gentrification All Bad?” by Justin Davidson, New York Magazine, February 2, 2014
The short answer is ‘no’ but its more complicated than that, and its always worth talking about why.

The Winter Soldier: Character Review,” by ilvalentinos, April 6, 2014
Ghosts in the Machine,” by okayophelia, April 5, 2014
Some excellent analyses of Captain America: the Winter Soldier from people on tumblr. Tumblr is many things, but sometimes it is a place with really good writing!

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